Thursday, January 22, 2009

Special Ed Room this week

I don't have much to post this week - I am in a moderate/severe Special Ed room all week this week. The kids are all in kindergarten and they are so sweet. Some of their stories are very touching; however, due to confidentiality and respect for them, I will not be sharing. Although I have a hard time in K classes due to not being very "huggy," this is so different. It is so structured (which I love) and the kids are wonderful! Next week, I should have more stories!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just say no to pixie sticks

I love challenging classes and yesterday was no exception. The kids were tough all day.

Throughout the day, I kept catching the boys with pixie sticks (not the paper ones...plastic straw ones).

Come to find out, they are buying huge bags at the dollar store and selling them for profit.

The good news - they are entrepreneurial and will go far in life. The bad news - I had to send him to the office and act mad; pretend I was not impressed at all.

More bad news - one of the kids had a lighter. What are you doing with a lighter at 11?