Thursday, December 18, 2008


Kile and Elik (twins)

Niamh (pronounced Neev- Gaelic and totally fine except the girl acts like everyone should just know how to say this)



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Need to catch up...

I have been really bad this week (actually since last week) about posting! I have a bunch of days to catch up on and have decided to make my posts much smaller with one anecdote per class and any tips/learnings that I can share...stay tuned! I plan to catch up on Friday!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Booger appetizer

5th grade class - Kid thinks he is totally invisible and while one student is giving a report presentation, the kid is going to town. In my head, I am thinking, "No way. He is going to rub it under his desk or on his pants, right?" Nope. Apparently, he could not wait to lunch. He decided boogers were the appetizer that would hit the spot. Finally, I had to go by and tap his shoulder (I didn't want to call him out and completely embarrass him), but he acted like I was totally interrupting some precious moment he was sharing with his nasal passage.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is that platinum?

I subbed in a 6th grade class before the winter break (blog has been back-dated). 6th graders are my favorite - they are at the weird stage and think they are so cool. It is very amusing.

One of the boys raises his hand and asks, "Is your ring silver or platinum?" Which I found strange...why does an 11-year-old know about jewelry or even care for that matter? I told him it was white gold. He asked if I could explain to him how white gold is made during recess. Strange.

Then, during a movie on my second day subbing the same class, I caught a note being passed. Am I a horrible person because I love when I catch notes!?! I think is the the funniest thing! The note was a little disappointing...nothing juicy. A simple, "Do you still like me, like me?" Boring.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Is that a booger or an alien?

Kindergarten is not for me. I mean, of course I will take a subbing job in K, but don't know if I could do it if I was offered a f/t position. I am not sing-songy and lack the ability to be Miss Lippy goofy.

I really do think certain teachers are meant for certain grades. I am meant for 4th through 6th. Period.

Ohhhhh boy, five year olds. They cannot contain themselves. Even if they try their hardest they have to wiggle. And, the tattling. For God's sake! "Teacher, his foot is in my square," "Teacher, she touched me," "Teacher, he said my drawing is stupid."

Then, the sneeze happened. One of the boys sneezed super hard, covered his entire face and when I told him I would get a tissue for him, he removed his hand to what I thought was an alien. It was the largest slime ball ever...he gave birth to an alien through his nostril. I have really never seen anything like it in my life.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cannibals: Inappropriate topic?

Yesterday was interesting. I first subbed in a second/third grade blended class. It was nice to work with another teacher - not as lonely as it usually is. The kids were really well behaved. Another teacher, from a third grade class, sprayed white board cleaner into her eye and had to leave. I ended up in her class for the latter part of the day.

Tangent: OK - what is with all the weird names people are naming their kids nowadays. I totally don't get it. I love to be original and creative as the next person, but do they seriously not think of the social and emotional repercussions of having to go through growing up with names like that (I don't want to mention any at the chance that someone might read this and their kid's name might be on my blog). It is ridiculous.

So, now to the funny stuff from my day. Every time I am in a class, the kids are so funny! Yesterday, the funniest thing was after I had switched to the 3rd grade room. A girl was sharing to the class about her trip to Fiji. She made a poster about it and brought in a bunch of souvenirs. As I am sitting in the back grading their math test, she is in front presenting the history of Fiji and proceeds to tell the class all about cannibalism. Before I can stop this situation, a kid raises his hand and asks, "Did they eat each other's private parts?" Right as he asks this, the resource teacher walks in to take one of the kids and hears all of this. The class bursts out laughing and the girl starts answering him. I quickly stopped the class and banned all comments and questions about cannibals.

On that note, I need to share a funny story from Wednesday. The teacher had taught a lesson about voting and campaigning. The kids made posters running for class office. A kid who was gifted in math was running for Treasurer. His poster (name changed): "Vote for John. I am comprehensive in math. I can handle a budget." This was written all around a picture of himself and glittered dollar signs everywhere. The kid is 7! Seven years old. What made it even better was all the other posters: "Vote for Maddie. I love kitties," "Vote for Fred and ALL your dreams will come true," "Vote for Mike. I don't smoke." Seven years old! Hilarious.

So, two for two on good days.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I am back!

So...I moved to where I am now about 5 1/2 years ago. It was so difficult to get a teaching job that I fell back on my marketing background and did that instead. Taking that first step away from teaching made me think twice about going back - it always seemed that life would be financially easier in a marketing job. It took me this long to realize that no matter what I could get paid, I was never happy and never felt in the "right place" in the career aspect of my life. I always felt at home in the classroom.

So, now that I am in a financial position where I can afford to sub (actually it is all because of my extremely supportive and encouraging hubby), I am just doing it hoping that it will be my "foot-in-the door" to a real teaching job.

I am back...I am back doing what I really want to do with my life. I absolutely love it! I decided a blog would be the perfect way to chronicle this for my own learning and maybe for others who are thinking of subbing or who are and can give advice. today I subbed only 1/2 day for a 2nd grade class. The teacher was there when I arrived which was nice so we could go over some things and she had the chance to tell me about her kids. She made it seem like they might be really tough to handle - many are needy or hyper, she advised. It really wasn't as bad as she made it out to be. I was able to manage them just fine. Although they were unruly a few times, it was not hard to get them back on track. The fact that PE was at the end of their day was great! I could use that as incentive to be good (if their name was on the board and they got two checks, they didn't get to go - once names were on the board, all I had to do was pick up the marker and they all immediately were back on track).

I hope I am not just being overly optimistic about this gig (the whole substitute teaching thing)...maybe my next job won't go as well. We'll see.

So Friday I am signed up to be an aide for a resource classroom. I only have 5 jobs lined up for all of December so is hard to get jobs since nobody knows me yet. Hopefully more jobs will come along as I get to know teachers at the different schools!