Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cannibals: Inappropriate topic?

Yesterday was interesting. I first subbed in a second/third grade blended class. It was nice to work with another teacher - not as lonely as it usually is. The kids were really well behaved. Another teacher, from a third grade class, sprayed white board cleaner into her eye and had to leave. I ended up in her class for the latter part of the day.

Tangent: OK - what is with all the weird names people are naming their kids nowadays. I totally don't get it. I love to be original and creative as the next person, but do they seriously not think of the social and emotional repercussions of having to go through growing up with names like that (I don't want to mention any at the chance that someone might read this and their kid's name might be on my blog). It is ridiculous.

So, now to the funny stuff from my day. Every time I am in a class, the kids are so funny! Yesterday, the funniest thing was after I had switched to the 3rd grade room. A girl was sharing to the class about her trip to Fiji. She made a poster about it and brought in a bunch of souvenirs. As I am sitting in the back grading their math test, she is in front presenting the history of Fiji and proceeds to tell the class all about cannibalism. Before I can stop this situation, a kid raises his hand and asks, "Did they eat each other's private parts?" Right as he asks this, the resource teacher walks in to take one of the kids and hears all of this. The class bursts out laughing and the girl starts answering him. I quickly stopped the class and banned all comments and questions about cannibals.

On that note, I need to share a funny story from Wednesday. The teacher had taught a lesson about voting and campaigning. The kids made posters running for class office. A kid who was gifted in math was running for Treasurer. His poster (name changed): "Vote for John. I am comprehensive in math. I can handle a budget." This was written all around a picture of himself and glittered dollar signs everywhere. The kid is 7! Seven years old. What made it even better was all the other posters: "Vote for Maddie. I love kitties," "Vote for Fred and ALL your dreams will come true," "Vote for Mike. I don't smoke." Seven years old! Hilarious.

So, two for two on good days.

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KauaiMark said...

" they seriously not think of the social and emotional repercussions of having to go through growing up with names like that"

Apparently not. Examples I've encountered: