Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is that platinum?

I subbed in a 6th grade class before the winter break (blog has been back-dated). 6th graders are my favorite - they are at the weird stage and think they are so cool. It is very amusing.

One of the boys raises his hand and asks, "Is your ring silver or platinum?" Which I found strange...why does an 11-year-old know about jewelry or even care for that matter? I told him it was white gold. He asked if I could explain to him how white gold is made during recess. Strange.

Then, during a movie on my second day subbing the same class, I caught a note being passed. Am I a horrible person because I love when I catch notes!?! I think is the the funniest thing! The note was a little disappointing...nothing juicy. A simple, "Do you still like me, like me?" Boring.

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KauaiMark said...

"...Am I a horrible person because I catch notes!"

Nope! I tell'em if I find one, the whole class gets to hear what it says.

They hide them better now...